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According to your individual questions we assist you in understanding the German immigration law and using it for your ambition to win new foreign talents as skilled workers or vocational trainees.

We follow on a day-to-day basis, all the evolutions and update about the German immigration law (FEG) to furnish you with valid answers.

The last update was very positive for us, as  on November 28th, after recognising the jeopardy posed on German industries by the unprecedentedly high workforce shortage,  the Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced upcoming reforms of the immigration law to attract skilled migrant workers.

We support you in all the visa-related matters with your future employers.

Types of visa that we focus on:

  • visa for skilled labour
  • visa for vocational trainee

With our panel of international management experts, social anthropologists and social psychologists, we listen to your concerns and first assessment and design solutions to improve the cohesion of your intercultural teams, but also to help your foreign workers adapt and adjust to the German professional and social environments. These solutions can consist of the following components:

  • Onboarding trainings
  • Individual cultural coaching
  • Team building sessions

These solutions are offered according to your needs and customised to the schedule and preference of your employees, in-house face-to-face on site as well as online.

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