for young people

Consulting, Workshops and Coaching to find your personal professional  perspective in life.

for enterprises

Consulting, Workshops and Teambuilding to unlock young employee potential outside Germany and build up a strong team.

months of our existence
% of bavarian enterprises see lack of experts as biggest business risk​
vacant positions for professional education in Germany in 2018​

Why us?

raisingPERSPECTIVES offers a professional full-service for enterprises and individuals with expertise in the intersection of business – culture – professional orientation and education of young adults:

    • Professional Orientation and Counselling for young people from Germany and abroad
    • German Vocational Training System in the Industry
    • Recruiting and Competence Management
    • Intercultural Competence through work experience in Asia, Southamerica and South-Europe


What we offer for young people


We offer individual coaching sessions regarding:

- professional orientation
- career development
- interview training
- personal development


We offer workshops about:

- professional orientation a group of 5-8 people
- preparation for german work and life culture in a group of 8-16 people


We support you by providing adequat informations regarding your Visa-Application in the country of origin as well as in Germany.

Please send us a message with your request.
We’re looking forward to assist you!

First information about the vocational education in Germany

IN ENGLISH: Informational Videos about the vocational education in Germany.

EN FRANCAIS: Videos d’informations sur la formation professionelle duale en Allemagne.


What we offer for enterprises

Your company is growing? A lot of work and not enough manpower? A lot of open positions in your company and not enough applicants?

Unlock new potential outside Germany!
We’re your strong partner from recruiting to onboarding.


We offer our expertise regarding:

- Visa-Application
- Sourcing and Recruiting abroad
- Intercultural Issues


We offer tailormaid inhouse-workshops regarding:

-Intercultural Communication Training
-Intercultural Team-Building

Personnel placement

Through our strong network to educational institutions and NGO's in Africa and Asia we find the right candidates for your company and support you in the administrative issues of the Visa-Application for your future employee.

Please send us a message with your request.
We’re looking forward to assist you!

about us

Our story​

raisingPERSPECTIVES was founded by Marie-Cathérine Rausch as a Social Enterprise to make a change for young people with few professional perspectives. The idea for this enterprise resulted from a lifechanging experience in being confronted to the existential questions and difficult situations of refugees in Germany.

To prevent young smart, motivated and educated people take the dangerous track as refugees raisingPERSPECTIVES focuses to bridge the today’s big needs for young trainees and experts of german companies with the search of disadvantaged young people for a professional perspective and to create a WIN-WIN situation for both sides.

Every human being should get the chance to make something out of life!

Who we are

Marie-Cathérine Rausch

Founder - Managing director - Consultant for enterprises

"Every person in the world should get the chance to make something out of life. Let's share our possibilities."

Niclette Mabela

Mentor for trainees

"I wanna support and be a rolemodel to young people from abroad as I did a professional education in Germany."

Rolly Libutu

Regional Project Coordinator DR Congo

"I'm happy to bring in my IT-Skills to create an social impact."

Alexandra Collins

German Mentor

"Learning a language can make a difference. I'm enthusiastic to open doors for young people by assisting them to learn German."

Francesca Coletti

German Teacher

"German is the key for integration into the society. I want to help the people to feel home in Germany as I do."

Susanne Daetz

German Teacher

"I thoroughly enjoy interacting with students all over the world, striving to enable them to become sensitive to the German language."

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